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The Friends of Tyngsborough High School Athletics is a nonprofit charitable trust chartered to provide communication and fundraising in support of all athletics at Tyngsborough High School.  In the past, FOTHSA has successfully raised funds to help supplement the school's athletic budget.  Beginning this year, 2006, the organization's focus will shift towards that of a Booster Club.  As a booster club our organization will strive to promote fan support, spirit and sportsmanship; provide supplemental benefits and services to student athletes; and provide an increased opportunity for communication between parents and coaches.  We hope to be able to contribute time, effort and funds to help assure the quality of the athletic programs at THS.


"Participation in high school athletics and activities are a much better indicator of overall performance in college than other yardsticks."

Source: Educational and Testing Service and College Board Study


As a community, we achieved our objective of continuing all THS sports for the 2004 - 2005 year as well as the 2005 - 2006 year.  Help us support our student athletes We are counting on parents, the community and businesses to help us make this a great year for all athletes.  All Elementary, Middle and High School parents should be involved too!!  There are many ways to help including fund raising events, volunteer work and donations. Click one of the links on the left, or send an email to


Thank you to all for supporting our student athletes throughout the year.



Guiding Principles

  • Fairness

  • Objectivity

  • Keep it Simple

  • Continuity of Programs

  • Encourage Participation


Here’s how the community can help

  • Become a member

  • Advertise your business in our programs, signs and web site

  • Support your teams via gate receipts

  • Encourage participation in sports and other activities

  • Get involved with fund raising activities


Managing Committee

  • Co-chairmen: Mike Arabadjis; Chet Szablak

  • Secretary: Laura Pruyn

  • Treasurer: Julie Long

  • Liaison to SC/BOS: Gary O'Neill

  • PR Director: Karen O'Donnell

  • Volunteer Coordinator:


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